• positive review  The cats are so well cared for.

    Rob Sherman Avatar Rob Sherman
    July 10, 2019
  • positive review  Loved this place! My favorite cat in the picture too. I am now donating to this place For sure ❤️

    Michelle Ingles Avatar Michelle Ingles
    July 10, 2019
  • positive review  Seeing all the cats and having a fun time in general! I strongly recommend this if you a cat lover!

    Sharon Hunter Avatar Sharon Hunter
    July 8, 2019
  • positive review  Hard to believe you could go to one location and see 600 cats. For cat lovers, this is a must visit.

    Tim Kohler Avatar Tim Kohler
    July 7, 2019
  • positive review  Love this place! Definitely worth the visit. Very well managed and the fur balls are a delight to sit with.

    Lori Gibson Avatar Lori Gibson
    June 13, 2019
  •   What a nice place to visit! I love cats and this was a great place to see and play with the cats! I felt like I was in cat heaven! My husband wanted to bring a kitten home but even though they were adorable we didn't! Those kitty's are lucky to have place like that! 🙂

    thumb Francisca S.
  •   For any cat lovers this is the place to go! It was worth the short ferry ride from Lahaina to Lanai to go here. The cats are so loving and via for your attention. We were impressed with how well taken care of the 600+ cats are - clearly they are very happy and amazing how well they are socialized and all get along. This is an amazing experience not to be missed. And by the way - no charge to get in! Cats are so fortunate to get sent to this place.

    thumb Denise L.
  •   This is a definite "must see" if you are on the island of Lanai....if you enjoy cats.  650 cats are here in different caged areas, along with chairs and tables cor feline interactions.

    The cats are separated by age group, kitten, middle age, and elderly cats.
    They give you a bag of treats to feed the cats if you like, and this is a nice touch as it makes you very popular with the friendlier cats.

    Admission is free, tho you can give a donation to help with the sanctuary.

    Plenty parking is available...and you'll need a bike or car to get here from town or the hotels.

    thumb Steve G.
  •   All cats should be so lucky to end up here, what an Incredible place to have feral cats!! Each cat seems so happy and certainly not hungry!! I was surprised at how many cats didn't even care about the treats, but just wanted to be loved on and followed us around for the attention.
    I'm not much of a cat fan because I think they're all kinds of odd and anti social, but these cats were different and made me want to just sit and pet them!! I took a friend over to Lana'i for 5th Friday and to see the cats, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself.
    Take the time to go visit and love on the cats, you will both benefit!!!!!!!!

    thumb Nina J.
  •   Amazing, friendly staff and very well kept facilities.  They keep the area clean and it doesn't smell like an animal shelter.
    Sanctuary is run by donations only.  They provide you treats to give to the cats.

    thumb Kassie S.




Eddie, Freddie , the staff, and the 628 other Lanai Lions wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We appreciate every one of you and thank you for your continued support. #lanailions #savingcatsprotectingbirds #lovelanai

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