Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

With 25 cats, a horse corral and a dream, Lanai Cat Sanctuary was born. When founder Kathy Carroll moved to the island of Lanai from Illinois, she was shocked to see the large homeless cat population. She vowed to stop the suffering of cats struggling to survive and rallied volunteers to help. Today on 3.5 acres, Lanai Cat Sanctuary is home to more than 600 rescue cats who now have food, medical care and love, for life.

Lanai Cats
Hawaii Cat Santuary

Our cat sanctuary is funded purely by the generosity of people like you. All donations are truly appreciated.

Hawaii Cat Santuary

Every day, we need 85 pounds of cat food. A $25 donation will feed 140 cats for a day.

Hawaii Cat Santuary

Have a friend for life. Sponsor a cat and we’ll send you updates of your furry friend.

Lanai Cats
Hawaii Cats Quality Care

Every cat here has a name, a microchip, a medical record and receives regular veterinary visits.

Lanai Protecting Native Birds

As a safe haven for feral cats, we protect native and endangered ground-nesting sea birds.

Lanai Rescue Cats

Since our beginning in 2006, we’ve saved over 3,000 cats from hunger and homelessness.

Lanai Cats
Hawaii Cats Play

Our cats love visitors. And with 600+ of them, you’ll have lots of chins to scratch and tail bones to rub.

Hawaii Cats

It’s the best deal in Hawaii and there’s no shortage of cute photo ops. TripAdvisor rates us the #1 visitor attraction on Lanai.

Hawaii Cats Lanai

Catch a flight or arrive by ferry from Maui. We’re located about 5 minutes from Lanai Airport.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Did you know cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day? 😻
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Come visit us! 😻
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
We’re making room for more Lanai lions! Soon we’ll have the capacity to house 1,100 cats. 😻 #lovelanai #lanailions #lanaicatsanctuary #savingcatsprotectingbirds
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Psst, don’t tell anyone... I have natural camouflage 💚🖤💛 #Repost @angelabelmares
Sadly, vacation is over. But here come the throwbacks and flashbacks! First up is this photogenic kitty I met last week at @lanaicatsanctuary!
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
We’re turning 10! 🎉 Come join the celebration 11/02. 😻
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Shirts are now available! Click link in bio to score them before they are gone.
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Beautiful green-eyed baby! 💚Come visit us for our 10th Anniversary Celebration 11/02 11am-2:30pm. #LanaiCatSanctuary
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
It’s Caturday! How many felines do you see in this photo?
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
What would you name this cutie?
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
This is what purrfect happiness looks like! #lanaicatsanctuary
Lanai Cat Sanctuary
Wait, it’s Sunday Funday! 😻
Lanai City, Hawaii
These are the endangered Newell Shearwaters that lay one egg a year. We relocate feral cats and bring them to our Purradise. #savingcatsprotectingbirds #lovelanai


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